Initiatives for a basic income

There are online a lot of new initiatives to create a basic income with crypto currencies. On this site we present the most promising initiatives that you can participate in right now.

Manna basic income

One of the most elaborated initiatives is Manna. You can sign up for a basic income on this site. You will then receive a modest basic income each month in the form of Manna. That is still a small amount, but the intention is that it will become more in the course of time. The more people sign up, the more Manna will be worth. So sign up for free. The more people participate, the greater the chance that the project will succeed. Use this link: then you get some extra basic income.
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Swift basic income

Swift is an attempt to achieve an unconditional basic income. Everyone who registers will receive 100 Swifts per day. In the course of 2018, all Swifts will be converted 1 to 1 to a digital currency that is maintained on a blockchain. Swifts will then also become exchangeable with other coins. For now there is already a small shop on the site where people offer products that you can buy with Swifts.

Basic income lottery

There is a successful basic income lottery in Germany. It is not a basic income for everyone and only for a year. But it is a nice basic income of € 1000 per month. And you too can participate in this lottery for a “Grundeinkommen”, the German term for basic income.
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Do you want to know more about a basic income?

Here you can find more about what a basic income is exactly and why it is such a good idea.