Swift basic income

Introduction to Swift

Swift is an initiative of the American Christopher Gregorio. With Swift he wants to generate a basic income for everyone. Everyone can register on the website and participate. At the moment there are already more than one hundred thousand participants who receive Swifts every day. The initiative is still in its infancy, but the plan is to strongly expand the system in 2018.

How does Swift work?

After you sign up, a number of details will first be asked to identify you. This is necessary to prevent people from registering twice and thus receiving double basic income. Once you have succeeded, you can claim 100 Swifts every day. That may be a lot of work, but you can also save the Swifts for a week and then claim your Swifts once a week.

At the moment you can not do very much with your Swifts other than save them up. In the course of 2018, all Swifts will be converted 1 to 1 to a digital currency that is maintained with the aid of a blockchain. Swifts will then also be exchangeable with other coins. For now there isĀ  a small shop connected to the website where people offer products that you can buy with Swifts. And you can also exchange your Swifts with others. Are you enthusiastic then you yourself can also offer something for sale for Swifts on the site.

And last but not least

All in all a promising start. 2018 will be the year of truth. Will it develop further or not? Do you want keep an eye on it or try it out? Then sign up on the website.