Manna basic income

Introduction Manna

Manna is a digital currency (cryptocoin / altcoin) that brings a basic income within reach for everyone. You only need to register on the website to receiveĀ  Manna weekly. If you are enthusiastic, sign up on the English website via this link then you will receive some extra Manna. If you want to know more first, read on.

How does Manna work?

Manna is a digital currency based on the “blockchain” just like Bitcoin. The big difference is that Manna is really meant as basic income. Everyone who registers is eligible for a basic income of a some Manna each week. You must pass on some personal information. There is no selection on anything, everyone is eligible. It is truly an unconditional basic income (universal basic income / UBI). The personal is necessary to prevent people from enrolling multiple times.

After your registration has been approved, you will receive a small basic income of Manna each week. At the moment it is about 29 Manna per week. That is not worth that very much right now. You can currently exchange one Manna for a bit more than one cent. But the intention is that that will grow. There are now a few thousand participants, but the plan is to grow to millions of participants, making Manna really a currency and growing basic income.

The creators of Manna

Manna is realized by the Grantcoin Foundation. This American foundation has been committed to a basic income for everyone based on a digital currency (cryptocurrency) for years.

They have gained several years of experience with the “Grantcoin”. This grantcoin was also a digital currency for basic income based on blockchain technology to combat poverty and inequality. The grantcoin was distributed as a basic income among a few thousand users who had registered. With the experience they have gained with this coin, they have now relaunched the Grantcoin currency as Manna to really grow on a larger scale.

Social network, poverty and inequality

Once Manna is in use by a large number of people, the Manna platform will also form a social network that can be used to combat poverty and inequality. It will be possible to make payments using Manna. You can exchange Manna with others on the Manna platform, but it will also be possible, for example, to donate your basic income to good causes. Read all about it in the Manna Whitepaper.

And last but not least

Join this beautiful initiative. You may not need a basic income of a few euros or dollars per month. But you help the basic income become reality. What is stopping you? Sign In!